Top 10 Walkers for Seniors

10 Best Walkers for Seniors

Feel like you lost your freedom to move around? You’re not alone. Many seniors struggle walking from place to place. Well, it’s time to get your freedom back. It’s time to buy a walker and get your mobility back.

Walkers sound simple enough, they help you to be able to walk. Surprisingly though, they’re not as simple as they seem. Walkers are used for a variety of reasons and can come in many different styles, designs, and even colors. 

Walkers are not a one size fits all device. The different types of walker available provide support for different levels of mobility. It’s important to find a walker that fits you and your particular lifestyle.

Different Types of Walkers

  • Standard Walkers: Standard walkers are also known as medical walkers. Standard walkers provide the most support for users as they do not have any wheels. They require users to pick up the walker completely up off the ground in order to take a step forward. While standard walkers do provide the most support, they also provide the risk of snagging on rugs or other obstacles. This type is usually less expensive and much lighter in weight.
  • Rollators: Rollators have four wheels and can either come with or without a seat. Rollators can allow their users to move much faster than standard walkers since the user is not hindered by having to pick up the walker prior to each step. Luckily, rollators come with a braking system in case things start moving too fast. Due to the wheels, rollators provide less support and can be heavier than standard walkers. Additionally, rollators are more expensive than standard walkers. Rollators are the most popular type of walker as they are more customizable allowing for many colors, different seating material, and changeable wheels. 
  • Rolling Walkers: Rolling walkers have wheels on the front so they are a hybrid of standard walkers and rollators. Rolling walkers can be faster than standard walkers, but they do provide less support. Many standard walkers come with accessories allowing users to add wheels to a standard walker. 

Shopping for the Perfect Walker

When shopping for your walker, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of mobility and support you need. You should also think about your lifestyle and how this walker will fit into it.

Are you always in the park with your grandchildren walking on different surfaces? Do you have a hard time lifting things in and out of your car? Do you move around quickly or would you rather take your time moving from place to place?

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Your Walker

  • Is it adjustable? Most walkers allow for users to adjust the height, but be mindful when ordering your’s. Be sure to check the maximum and minimum height listed on the page. Nothing is worse than ordering the perfect walker only to realize it isn’t going to fit you. 
  • Are there brakes? Some braking systems require more hand strength than others. Be sure to check out the reviews of other users if you’re concerned about what kind of strength you’ll need to muster to engage the brakes. Nobody wants to be out for their first stroll on a runaway walker. 
  • Is a bag included? Many walkers include a bag or other storage options. However, some don’t. Also, it can be difficult finding the perfect bag to attach. Your best bet is to find a walker that comes with a bag included so you don’t have to search for the perfect matching bag. 

10 Best Walkers for Seniors

1. Lumex Folding Walker – Best Budget Walker

best walker for seniors
best walker for seniors
Pros: Cons: 
Lowest price No bag included 
Most support
Lightweight – 10 pounds

This standard walker is available for less than fifty dollars, making it one of the least expensive walkers on this list. Standard walkers provide the most support for users. At a little over 10 pounds, this walker is very light and easy to transport.

Standard walkers do require users to pick them up before each step, so making sure that you can easily lift the walker is incredibly important when choosing a standard walker. With the push of a button, this walker folds up allowing for transport and storage. 

2. Vive Folding WalkerBest Standard Walker

best standard walker
best standard walker for seniors
Pros: Cons: 
Switch from standard to tolling Wheels stick out from frame 
Bag and wheels included No brakes
Easy to fold

This standard walker can easily be adapted to a rolling walker. This model comes with two wheels allowing for a quick transformation. It also comes with a bag specifically made for the model so no need to try to find the best bag to attach since the perfect storage is already included in the price.

The additional accessories that come with this walker, along with how simple it is to adjust, makes this our top pick for standard walkers. 

3. NOVA Traveler 3-Wheel Rollator Walker – Best All-Terrain Walker

best walker for all terrains
best all-terrain walker for seniors
Pros: Cons: 
Easy to maneuver Not the easiest to fold up
Great for all terrain types
Lightweight for a 3-wheeled walker – only 16.5 lbs

This option looks a little different than the other walkers on this list since it is a three-wheeled rollator. This has one wheel in the front and two on the sides, similar to a tricycle. It’s lightweight for a 3-wheeled rollator too, which is a nice plus.

This rollator is foldable and takes up much less space than a four-wheeled rollator. This makes it a great option for someone with a smaller trunk. It also stands up when folded so it can easily be tucked into the corner of a room. Some people might find folding it up to be difficult though when compared to other rollators on the market.

It also comes with a basket and tray, locking hand breaks, and a pouch for personal items. The best part though is that it rolls easily over cracks in the sidewalk without tripping you up with its large 8-inch wheels.

4. Healthline Compact Trigger Release Folding WalkerBest Rolling Walker 

best rolling walker
best rolling walker for seniors
Pros: Cons: 
Accessories included No bag included 
Only 7 pounds

Rolling walkers are a great option for those seeking more stability, but still looking for more speed. This rolling walker is a great choice as it comes with additional glides for different types of surfaces. It is adjustable making it a great fit for most people from 5 foot to 6 foot 4 inches.

This rolling walker is also only 7 pounds making it incredibly light while still providing the benefits of the front wheels. 

5. Vive Folding Rollator – Best for Stability

best stable walker for seniors
Pros: Cons: 
Stable Heavy – 20 pounds
Bag included
Dual braking 
Easily adjustable

Available in five different colors, this rollator is a great option for those seeking to fully customize their walker. The height on this rollator is completely adjustable as well going up to a maximum height of 36 inches. Since it is foldable, it can easily be placed in the trunk of a car.

This collator is heavier than some of the other options on this list at 20 pounds, but that is due to the four large wheels and cushioned seat. However, the four wheels make it extremely stable. In fact, it’s one of the best if you’re looking for more stability.

The dual brakes also make for more stability, especially when resting on the seat. There’s also a backrest attached, making this rollator extra comfortable for using.

This rollator comes with a large bag for the front so you can easily secure and store any of your items on the move.

6. Evolution Trillium Lightweight Medical Walker Rollator – Most Features

best feature rich walker for seniors
best rollator for seniors
Pros: Cons: 
Comfortable seat Price
14 pounds for a Rollator
Locking brakes 

This top-rated rollator comes with all the bells and whistles. And for the price, you really get what you pay for and then some. It’s also Made in the USA so you know you are getting the best possible quality.

A list of the features includes:

  • Center folding
  • Wide backrest
  • Cushioned seat
  • Locking handbrakes
  • Large wheels
  • Storage basket
  • Adjustable handlebars

With this rollator’s plush and comfortable seat and good backrest, this rollator is great for those who sometime need to take a break. The locking brakes provide additional stability when resting.

The larger wheels also make this a great option for someone who loves the outdoors as they can easily glide over many different kinds of surfaces. The durability of the wheels is also really good compared to many other models.

At only 14 pounds, it’s incredibly light too considering all the accoutrements.

7. NOVA Cruiser Deluxe Rollator Walker – Best Braking System

best rollator walker
best rollator walker for seniors
Pros: Cons: 
Removable basket with handle   Back padding a little lacking
Durable wheels 
Easy braking system 
5-year warranty

Arriving with the seat padding and basket already included, this rollator is a great option. The padded seat is incredibly comfortable. There is also a back rest, though the padding on it isn’t as great as some other models. It’s also an easy rollator to fold and folds up to only a little over a foot wide, making it perfect to store in a small space.

The highlight on this rollator is the breaking system. First of all, it is super responsive to the touch. Secondly, you won’t wear out your hand trying to get this rollator to brake as it is super comfortable. Third, it’s really easy to use with a short distance between the brake and the handle. Lastly, the park brake engages just by pushing it the opposite direction. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

This rollator has incredibly durable wheels. This makes it a great option for both inside and outside. It folds up nicely as well with the basket being removable. The basket also comes with a handle making it easy to pick up and carry once it’s removed from the walker.  

The Cruiser Deluxe also comes with a 5-year warranty which is a huge perk.

8. Lumex Hybrid LX Rollator & Transport Chair – Best Multi-Purpose Walker

best multi-purpose walker
walker and transport chair combo - best rollator for seniors
Pros: Cons: 
Hybrid walker and wheelchair Weighs 22 pounds
Good braking system 
Very comfortable seat

For those needing both a walker and a wheelchair, why not combine them together and always be prepared for any situation? This hybrid rollator and transport chair is like buying two in one. Although, it’s primary function is as a rollator.

The brakes are really easy to use whether this is being used as a rollator or a wheelchair. It is also the best rollator for anyone with more restricted mobility that still wants the freedom of walking on their own.

The seat is comfortable and wide, which is good for larger individuals. It can even hold up to 300 pounds. It is one of the heavier rollators on the list at 22 pounds but this is due to its dual-function as both a rollator and a transport chair. 

9. Drive Medical Nitro WalkerBest All-Around Rollator

best rollator
best rollator
Pros: Cons: 
Easily adjustable for both tall people and short people None
Easy to maneuver
Good for narrow spaces
Bag included 

The Nitro Walker is capable of being adjust to a high height, making this a wonderful option if you’re taller. It’s also easy to adjust if you’re shorter as well. Also, folding can be done one-handed.

This rollator is very intuitive to use and is easy to maneuver in narrowe hallways. With its caster fork design you’ll even be able to turn the tightest corners. With the large front wheels and small back wheels, it’s also good for all terrains and easily transitions from indoor to outdoor.

The backrest provides good support when seated. The bag can remain attached even while folded, so no more struggling to remove your bag before placing your rollator in the trunk of your car. Plastic clip holds the Nitro closed when frame is folded.

10. Elenker Upright Walker – Best Walker for Bad Backs

best walker for seniors
Pros: Cons: 
Ergonomic design No backrest for sitting
Bag included 
One-handed folding

This walker provides support to stand upright and allow you to look straight ahead. The support on the arms provides also makes it comfortable in this position. It’s much different than the other walkers on this list, but you will love it.

This design is great as there is less stress placed on your hands and wrists. By standing straight and having arms out straight in front, this design also alleviates the pressure on your back that you might get from other walkers too. If you suffer from back problems, this walker will really help.

Folding this up only requires one hand and a bag is included too. The only downside is that there is no backrest, so if you enjoy sitting on your walker, you will have to look elsewhere.

It comes with 8″ wheels so it’s good for any terrain. It even provides good flex on uneven ground.

Buying a Walker in 2019

There has never been a better time to buy a walker. Even just a decade ago, so many less options were available for walkers. Now, in additional to the standard walker, rolling walker, and rollator, there are upright walkers for more ergonomic support. There are even tri-walkers for the benefits of a rollator without the price or the weight. 

New materials have made walkers lighter than ever. Even when purchasing a rollator with wheels and a seat, it’s still lighter than its forefather manufactured 20 years ago. These new materials are also more stable and durable. 

Walkers are now fully customizable and adjustable. Whether you’re tall or you’re short, you can now find the perfect walker for your height. Many walkers don’t even require a special tool to adjust the height making it a simple twist of the hand to get the walker to its optimal level. 

Many walkers come with accessories such as bags that fit perfectly to that walker. Previously, users had to search for a bag that would almost fit. Now, walker manufacturers include these accessories in the price of the walker to make things much more streamlined for the consumer. 

You can research at your leisure and find the best walker or rollator for your needs, mobility, and lifestyle before committing. Walkers can be a big purchase and you need to make sure you have all the information available before making an investment. This is your mobility and your life — you want to make the most educated choice that you can. 

There are many different options, styles, and even colors of walker available. Don’t be intimated by all the choices. Once you figure out what you need your walker to accomplish for you and your lifestyle, it is a lot easier to find the best walker that is going to work for you. 

So what are you waiting for? Time to take your freedom back and get moving again! Get a walker today.

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