Best Tv ears and TV audio aids for seniors

Best TV Ears and Listening Aids for Seniors

Tired of watching television with the closed captioning on? Does your partner hate watching TV with you because you keep the volume way too loud? Look no further! You don’t have to miss out on anything with the following products that will help amplify television sounds. 

Benefits of TV Hearing Devices

Hearing loss can rear its ugly head in many ways. Sometimes, it can be difficult to communicate with loved ones. Other times, it can almost be impossible to understand directions. And, hearing loss can also impact a relaxing activity such as watching television. 

Television can be an escape from the daily grind providing both entertainment and education. When you can’t hear the television, it can become frustrating. Some suffering from hearing loss opt to just turn up the volume on the television, but that can damage hearing even further and disturb others. Others decide to stick to closed-captioning requiring constant eyes on the television screen as to not miss anything. Thankfully, there is a better way.

TV Amplification devices will help maintain your hearing without causing any additional damage. Most can also be used independently of the TV meaning that the volume can stay put for anyone else in the room. Everyone can enjoy the TV now. 

Differences Between Headphones and Earphones

A lot of the devices you will see on this list will either be distinguished as headphones or earphones. You’ve probably used to the terms interchangeably, but there is a difference.


Headphones rest on the outside of your ear. They do not enter the ear canal. They can either go over the head like a headband, covering your ears completely or partially.


Earphones are listening devices that are worn inside the ear canal. 

Now that you know the difference, it’s pretty easy to tell — earphones are in the ears while headphones rest on the head. 

Most audiophiles will swear by headphones, claiming that they provide the best sound since the device fully encompasses your ear. However, headphones can be bulky and tiresome to wear for longer periods of time.

Earphones get the sound much closer to your ear. They are also more compact and easier to carry around. 

Best TV Ears for Seniors

1. TV Ears Wireless Headset System (Original) – Top Pick

best tv ears for seniors

You’re not going to be disappointed with this device. The TV Ears work with most kinds of televisions including older, analog TVs as well as newer digital TVs. They are very lightweight and work by reducing the outside noise and increasing the TV volume. 

And, their volume is independent of the television volume. You can have the TV on mute while still utilizing the TV Ears if you have a loved one trying to sleep. These TV Ears are wireless allowing you to move around freely and not be stuck on the couch and chained to the TV. You won’t miss a thing with these TV Ears. 

Additionally, these earphones have voice clarifying circuitry making sure that you understand every word spoken. They are incredibly clear and crisp. You definitely won’t need to turn on closed captions again while wearing these TV Ears. 


  • Voice Clarifying
  • Works with Analog and Digital TVs
  • Separate volume function between ears and TV


  • A little pricey

2. Avantree Wireless Headphones for TV Watching

best wireless TV headset for seniors

Not so technically advanced? These headphones are super simple to set up. There are no messy wires to deal with. They will automatically sync with most televisions. 

Don’t have a TV with Bluetooth capabilities? No worries! These headphones also have wires that can be used with devices other than televisions such as record players and computers so you can listen to music, games, and more. 

The volume control on this set of headphones is 30% higher than on regular headphones providing maximum volume for its users.


  • Easy setup
  • Can be paired with more than just televisions
  • Long battery life
  • Plug and play


  • Sound quality is average

3. Unisar TV Listener Headset

best tv listening aids for seniors

These headphones last for up to 15 hours on a single charge making them great for watching long movies or lazy Sunday afternoons watching the game. And, they are hearing aid compatible. 

This pair of headphones allows you and your companion to simultaneously watch your favorite show. Even though this is a set, they can be set to different volumes for each person to listen at their optimal volume. 

There is only a range of 33 feet meaning you’ll be limited on how far you can meander from the television with these on. This range of 33 feet is measured from the transmitter. As you start to reach that 33 foot limit, the sound will cut out until it will finally stop. 

Another downside is that only one unit can be charged at a time. This set only comes with one charger. This can be annoying when they are constantly used by both people. 


  • Comes with two headsets
  • Different volumes for each headset


  • Short-range of only 33 feet 
  • Only one charger for two headsets 

4. SIMOLIO Digital Wireless Headphones for TV

best wireless headphones for seniors

These headphones work on digital and analog televisions making them accessible for any kind of TV. And, they are designed to pick up television dialogue – leaving other, often unnecessary noises in the background. If the TV volume suddenly increases, it won’t impact you. The SIMOLIO headphones are designed to protect your hearing in case of sudden volume changes. 

Since they are wireless, you can actually wear these up to 100 feet away from the television that they’re connected to. They also have a rechargeable battery because you’re sure to use them constantly. 


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wireless


  • Bulky to wear

5. Serene Innovations Wireless TV Listening Speaker

best listening aids for seniors

Don’t like wearing headphones, but still want to hear the television better? This portable, wireless speaker syncs up to your television to allow you to bring the speakers closer to your ears without wearing anything. 

Instead of syncing up via Bluetooth, this speakers works via radio transmissions making set-up very simple. Unfortunately, this means that you won’t be able to sync this speaker up to other devices. It will only work with your television. 

It is portable and rechargeable. This speaker also works with different types of televisions. 


  • Rechargeable battery
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth needed
  • Compatible with all TV brands


  • Cannot sync to other devices 

6. Sony Wireless Headphones for TV Watching

best headphones for tv watching and listening for seniors

This set comes with a docking station for easy charging as well as adapters for use with televisions and any other device with an audio port – such as your computer, tablet, and even phone. These headphones are incredibly simple to set up. 

The headphones have the volume right on the ear so you can easily adjust while watching television. Once they’re ready to be charged, just throw them back on the docking station. When completely charged, they are good for up to 20 hours. 

These headphones also have the largest range on this list allowing for up to 150 feet away from the television. And, unlike other devices listed, they provide noise cancellation. You can just wear them for some peace and quiet. 


  • Largest range at 150 feet
  • Volume control right on the headset
  • Good battery life


  • Setup can be tricky

7. ARTISTE Wireless TV Headphones and Over the Ear Headset

best over the ear tv aid for seniors

The charging dock for these headphones is so sleek that you won’t worry about prominently displaying these in your living room. Simply place the headphones inside the dock to charge when not in use. They charge for up to 20 hours of continuous use. 

These headphones are compatible with more than just TVs. You can link them up to your tablet, computer, and even phone. And, they can transmit between walls meaning you can keep up with your show while in a completely different room. 

They have amazing sound quality and can support other sets of headphones independently. If you turn up your volume, it will not affect others wearing headphones linked to the same transmitter. 

The headphones can be bulky and become uncomfortable after long periods of use. 


  • Sleek design 
  • Can be used with additional headphones
  • No need to pair


  • Not ideal for use laying down

8. Avantree Wireless Headphone Earbuds for TV Watching

best wireless earphones for watching tv for seniors

These Bluetooth headphones are a breeze to set up. Since they are Bluetooth, they can also sync up with other devices such as your phone, computer, and other audio equipment. 

They work up to 100 feet away giving you room to get up and walk to the kitchen for a drink without missing anything on your favorite television show. 

The fast stream results in no delay. You won’t notice the mouths moving before you hear the words. The sound will be instantaneous just as if you were using the television speakers to watch the show. 

Unfortunately, the TV is dependent when these earphones are in use. If you plug these in, the TV might become muted leaving anyone watching with you in the dark. 


  • Simple Setup
  • Lightweight design
  • No audio delay


  • Volume may be too low for some

9. Wireless TV Speakers for Hearing Impaired

best tv sound amplification speakers for seniors

With over 100 feet of range, this speaker box is a great way to enjoy your favorite TV shows. You can even sit outside while listening to the television. 

This TV speaker is even good to use while with other people without disturbing them. Just set the speaker right next to you and crank up the volume.

With the automatic matching technology the setup is a snap. Plug in your TV or device through the RCA or headphone jack. Then turn on your device and speaker, wait for the light to turn blue and you are good to go.

This versatile TV speaker allows you to plug it into the television or any other audio device such as your computer, laptop or smartphone. It’s a great way to enjoy music while in other rooms as well.


  • Loud
  • Large range of 100 feet
  • Rechargeable


  • Does not work with all TVs / connections

TV Ears – Things to Consider

Be sure to keep in mind what you’re trying to accomplish when searching for the perfect TV amplification. Do you need to make sure that others can listen to the television while you’re plugged into the headphones? Do you need to have a far range of hearing away from the television? How long do you plan to watch TV? These are all important questions to ask before  making this purchase. 

How to Use TV Ears

Now that you’ve made your purchase, you’ll need to be prepared how to use these TV listening devices once they arrive. Many of the options on this list come with an audio plug that allows you to seamlessly plug the transmitter into the television. If not, there will be instructions on how to pair or sync the transmitter up to the television. 

Most of the charging bases will need to be located close to the television so that the wires can easily reach. You don’t want to be tripping over the wires just to have the charging dock closer to the couch. 

Be sure to charge up your device fully once it has been received. This is important to promote a long battery life. And, you don’t want the headphones dying during the best part of the show. 

Once everything has been set up and charged it’s time to listen. Take your device – whether you opted for the headphones, ear phones, or speakers and bring it over to where you’re sitting by removing it from the charging base. Simply turn them on and put them on. 

Many of the options allow for you to change your volume completely independently from the actual TV so your loved ones can also enjoy the show next to you without having to listen at your preferred volume. And, when you’re watching late at night or just don’t want to disturb anyone, you can completely turn down the volume on the TV without interrupting your personal volume. 

A word to the wise – be sure to charge your TV ears while not in use. Nothing is worse than settling down to watch primetime TV to have the headphones run out of juice within a few minutes. 

Whatever your favorite show is, there is bound to be an option on this list to help you watch it without struggling to hear.

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