Best Medical Alert Devices for the Elderly, Seniors and Patients

Medical Alert Devices for Seniors and the Elderly

A medical alert device or medical alert system may one day save you or a loved one. They are a valuable use of our modern day technology and every senior or elderly person should own one.

Whether you are at home or out and about, these compact devices can alert loved ones when there is an emergency, in some cases providing a direct communication to 911 and other emergency services. With the press of a button, you can let someone know you are in trouble and have help on the way. Some devices also have fall detection, which will notify others if you fall down.

When emergencies happen, a medical alert device can provide life-saving communications that give seniors and their loved ones a sense of peace knowing there is a safety net. There is now a large market for a wide range of devices and the services that go with them. Technological advances have improved the performance and features of medical alert systems, making the devices easier than ever for seniors to operate and maintain. 

Medical Alert Devices: Understanding Your Options

Sifting through the myriad of options medical alert devices to find the system that best suits your needs and budget can be a daunting task. Care must be taken to make sure you have a full understanding of the device you are purchasing, the options and features that come with it, and the service terms and cost expectations that go along with the purchase of the system. 

Devices for medical alert systems are typically compact, lightweight pendants that can be worn around your neck or on your wrist. The service systems that come with the devices may be monitored or non-monitored. The main difference between the two types of service is an additional monthly fee associated with monitored systems, while the non-monitored systems require only the purchase of the device. 

  • Monitored alert systems: Medical alert systems that are monitored allow users to connect to a live person through cellular networks by pressing a button on their device. Some systems can also instantly communicate your location via GPS tracking technology. Two-way communication may be available within range of the base in your home or cellular service may enable the device to be used anywhere there is cellular service available. Some monitored alert systems also offer fall detection protection with the purchase of the service, while it is an additional charge for others. 
  • Non-monitored alert systems: When the device’s button is pressed on a non-monitored medical alert system, a set number of pre-programmed phone numbers of the user’s friends or family will instantly be called. Systems will either allow two-way conversations on the device or they will play a pre-recorded message for your contacts to alert them of an emergency situation. 

Some of the best choices on the market today for a variety of types of medical alert devices for seniors are listed below. The descriptions, features, and pricing plan options are listed as well.

When choosing a device, it is important make sure you know the contractual and financial service obligations before making any purchases. Be sure to read any of the fine print and call Amazon or any other vendor if you have any questions about a specific device.

Top Medical Alert Devices for Seniors

1. LifeStation Mobile GPS Medical Alert Device

best medical alert device for seniors and the elderly
Best Medical Alert Devices and Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly and Seniors

The LifeStation Medical Alert System with mobile GPS medical alert allows seniors to be monitored 24/7 at home and away from home. Amazon’s Alexa Skills voice assistant enables your loved ones to find your location wherever you are at any time with a simple voice command. The GPS tracking is powered by the AT&T network, but an AT&T plan is not required to use the LifeStation system. 

The lightweight monitoring device can be worn pendant-style around your neck or as a wristband. The LifeStation device will fully charge in three hours, with the charge lasting up to five days. 

LifeStation offers the first month of service free with the purchase of the device. Monthly service plans after that start at $24.95. An AlertMessage service notifying your loved ones in the case of an emergency is included in all service plans. A fall detection service which notifies LifeStation when the user has fallen is available at an additional charge. 

2. Home & Wellness GPS Medical Alert Device

best medical alert devices for seniors and the elderly
Best Medical Alert Devices and Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly and Seniors

The GPS Medical Alert Device from Home & Wellness is light and compact, and can be worn around your neck as a pendant, or carried in your pocket or side pouch. The device is also waterproof, making it safe for the shower, where the majority of slip-and-fall accidents occur for seniors. 

A built-in fall detection service uses AT&T cellular service to track you in your home or when you are out, giving you immediate access to help whenever you need it, wherever you are. When the device is fully charged, it can last up to three days, though actively using the tracking system and fall detection may shorten the battery’s life. 

The cost of the Home & Wellness GPS Medical Alert device includes the first four months of service and a monthly rate of $34.99 available after that. There is no tier pricing or long-term contract to sign, so you can cancel at any time without incurring additional fees. 

3. Medical Guardian In-Home Medical Alert System 

best alert devices for seniors and the elderly
Best Medical Alert Devices and Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly and Seniors

The Medical Guardian in-home medical alert system comes with a signal coverage range of up to the equivalent of two football fields. Cellular coverage from the AT&T network allows you to have access to button-to-base station help throughout your entire home. 

Waterproof medical alert devices from Medical Guardian can be comfortably worn around your neck like a pendant or as a wristband. Shower-safe help buttons will keep you safe in the most vulnerable place for slip and fall accidents. Fall detection technology will detect if you have fallen and will automatically send an emergency response team.

A digital display screen clearly shows the medical alert system’s signal strength, the battery indicator, as well as the date, time, and temperature of your home. Built-in speakers with adjustable volume control allows for direct communication with a 24/7 emergency service or a non-emergency monitoring center. 

Device purchase comes with a free month of service, followed by ongoing cellular and monitoring services for $34.95/month. Additional spousal protection is available. 

4. Ranger Advanced 4G LTE Mobile Medical Alert Device

best medical alert systems for seniors and the elderly
Best Medical Alert Devices and Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly and Seniors

The Ranger 4G mobile medical alert device by Blue Star Senior Tech is so small it can be worn on your keychain or belt, kept in your pocket or around your neck. Real time GPS tracking through the 4G LTE AT&T network responds to emergencies 24/7. 

The compact device features an SOS button and two-way voice communication capabilities, and a waterproof design makes it safe for the shower, where seniors are especially vulnerable to slip and fall incidents. Automatic fall detection will alert emergency services if you were to fall. 

Emergency response agents will immediately alert recorded nearby family and friends in case of emergency or a fall is detected. 

One month of monitoring service is included with activation of the device, with a monthly subscription charge of $29.95 for continued active monitoring and cell-based connectivity after the first month. No installation is needed. 

5. MobileHelp Classic – Home Medical Alert System

best medical alert monitoring systems for seniors and elderly patients
Best Medical Alert Devices and Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly and Seniors

The Mobile Help Classic home medical alert system for seniors provides 24/7 access to emergency help wherever you are at any time. There is an activation fee for some plans to get started and monthly service plans begin at $27.95. At an additional charge, a fall protection service will automatically send an alarm if you fall and cannot push the emergency help button. 

No landline is required. Cellular GPS tracking coverage through AT&T is included with all subscription plans. 

Pressing one button on the compact pendant device will connect you to a U.S.-based emergency monitoring service operator who will have your medical history. An amplified two-way voice system allows for clear and instant communication. Your family or friends will be notified in the event of an emergency. 

6. Live Life Mobile Medical Alert Device

best mobile medical alert systems for seniors and elderly
Best Medical Alert Devices and Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly and Seniors

Live Life offers a complete mobile medical alert system with no monthly monitoring fees. This service notifies up to five friends and family of your choosing in the event of an emergency, though it does not call 911 or other emergency service personnel. Automatic fall detection will also send alerts with location information to those on your notification list if you fall. 

The alert system is effective anywhere there is 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile coverage, which includes almost all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Two-way hands free voice activation allows you to communicate through the medical alert pendant from wherever you are. Those on your notification contact list can call you through the pendant, or can call them. 

The pendant is compact, light, and waterproof, making it easy to keep with you at all times and ready when you need it. 

7. Senior HELP Dialer Medical Alert Device

best medical alert dialer for seniors and elderly patients
Best Medical Alert Devices and Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly and Seniors

The Senior HELP Dialer medical alert system by ATS instantly calls up to three people and plays and personalized emergency message. The device includes both a wrist and pendant-style panic button for easy access. 

When one of the two panic buttons are pressed and calls are sent, the receiver can press any button on their phone to speak to the caller through two-way communication speakerphone system on the device. 

The HELP Dialer is pacemaker safe and has a long 100-foot range. The wrist panic button is water-resistant, also safe for use in the shower and bathtub. 

There are no monthly fees or contracts to sign. This device does not notify emergency personnel in the case of emergencies. Panic button activation will only call three pre-determined contacts. 

8. CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager

best caregiver pager and medical alert device

The CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager is a communication alert system that provides a sense a freedom between caregivers and their home care patients. Two sets of alert chimes and receivers allow flexibility for both parties throughout the home. 

The lightweight call button can easily be worn around the neck as a pendant or carried in the pocket, giving elderly, handicapped, or sick patients the peace of mind to know assistance is only the push of a button away. The alarm is also loud, even on the low setting, so an emergency event will never go missed.

This versatile alert system comes with an operating range of over 500 feet in open area, adjustable volume control, 55 ringtone options, and a waterproof design which guards against meal splashing and makes the device safe to take into the bath or shower.

Fixed brackets and double-sided stickers are provided for easy mounting or placement just about anywhere. 

9. Sky Angel 911FD Medical Alert Device

best alert devices for seniors

The Sky Angel 911FD mobile cellular medical monitoring device by Assistive Technology Services is an alert system which will connect you to 911 with the touch of a button anytime, from anywhere there is cell service. There are no monthly fees and no cellular contract is required for use. 

The device is so small you can put it on your keychain or wear it around your neck as a pendant. Waterproof construction makes is safe for use in the shower or the swimming pool. Two-way speaker phone communication access allows you to speak with emergency personnel to better assist you as help is on the way.

There is just one button to press to connect you with emergency services, with no swiping or other processes needed to call for help, indoors or outdoors, wherever there is cellular coverage. The Sky Angel 911FD comes with automatic fall detection which will call 911 if you fall. 

A Mobile Alert Device Can Save Your Life

Mobile alert systems specially designed with seniors in mind can provide the extra time to help in an emergency situation when you need it most. Immediate notification to emergency medical personnel can be the key to getting the assistance you need, or even saving your life. 

Deciding on which device to purchase depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are a senior who does not leave the house, you may not need the additional GPS tracking service. If you are more active and mobile, you will want the added protection of being able to communicate instantly if there is a medical emergency, or even to find your way home if you get lost. 

Fall detection is offered standard with some systems, while some charge an additional fee or offer the service only in higher pricing plans. The technology for fall detection is still evolving and is not always completely reliable. If you are a high risk for falls, this feature may be worth the additional cost and evolving operational deficiencies. 

Picking the Best Medical Alert Device for You

The most important factors in the process of deciding which medical alert device to purchase is to make sure you get one that fulfills your persona needs. Also, know what you are signing up for and read the fine print. Contract requirements vary with each company and each promotion.

Seniors have been taking advantage of medical alert devices and medical alert systems for decades. As technology has advanced, the quality and speed of medial alert devices has greatly improved and lives have been saved as a result. Today’s seniors are more active and mobile than any generation before. They are relying on these devices to live longer, healthier, and live more active lives, knowing that help is always available at the press of a button. 

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