10 Best Step Stools for Seniors

Easy to Use Step Stools for Seniors and Elderly

You may have found yourself needing to reach something on the top shelf of your cabinets. Or maybe you needed to reach further back as you’re cleaning. Or maybe you needed to hang something higher up on the wall. Or maybe you needed something to help you get into or out of your vehicle, bathtub or shower. What you needed was a step stool.

However, most store-bought step stools these days are unstable, flimsy, or very small. Luckily, there are many alternatives online that will meet, and even exceed, your wildest expectations.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best step stools for sale online, with a list of the benefits of each. There’s a step stool for every situation you can imagine. None of the stools below support less than 200lbs, they all come highly recommend, and they’re all extremely sturdy, durable and reliable.

Without further ado, presenting the best step stools for seniors…

The 10 Best Step Stools for Seniors

1. Safe-T-Stool – Best Stool for Seniors

safest and best stool for seniors and the elderly

Weight Limit: Up to 500 lbs.
Construction: Pure polypropylene, Made in America
Key Feature: Impossible to flip, deemed the “Safest Stool in America”

This amazing step stool is proudly Made in the USA. The Safe-T-Stool is branded as “the safest, most versatile stool in America.” This stool comes in many vibrant colors such as blue, red, green and even pink, not seen in many other stools.

This stool is advertised to be impossible to flip under any condition. This is because of its beveled anti-flip design, paired with its completely rubberized underside.

The corners are rounded, which means there won’t be jagged edges to cause injury with. There are also handles on both sides. It is also lightweight, weighing in at only 3 pounds, which is perfect for carrying no matter your level of strength.

This stool is made to be multi-purpose, including use for exercises such as stepping and yoga. It’s completely rubberized on the top as well so you will never slip.

It is 7.5 inches tall, which is more than enough for most situations. It is not, however, recommended for bathing or showers as it does not have ventilation, so it floats instead of staying put. 

While this stool isn’t built for stacking, they are sold individually, in pairs, or in bulk packages of 10, which is a nice touch for those who need many stools or would like to give the gift of a Safe-T-Stool to loved ones.

Highly recommended and the best stool for seniors and the elderly. It can even be used as a storage container when upside-down!

2. Cosco 2-Step Folding Household Step Stool

best classic step stool for seniors

Weight Limit: Up to 225 lbs.
Construction: Steel construction
Key Feature: Height assist bar for added safety and stability

Cosco is a household brand trusted by many around the world. This stool is composed of two steps, and both are over a foot wide, which is great for those who like room on their steps.

It reaches a height of 17 inches tall, which does not include the handle that towers above the top step. The handle is a nice touch for someone who has difficulty keeping their balance. It’s great for those who do a lot of cleaning in hard to reach places. The handle also makes it easy to carry when folded. 

This step stool also has slip-resistant footing on both feet and also on the corners of the rear balance bar. The steps are rubberized as well and hold you in place well.

When you’re done with it, it folds flat and can easily fit into any tight space for storage. Its steel construction makes it extremely durable. In fact, it’s even ANSI rated for Type 11 medium household duty work.

3. AdjustaStep DoubleSafe Deluxe Step Stool

best step stools for seniors

Weight Limit: Up to 300 lbs.
Construction: Steel construction, not made in China
Key Feature: Customizable height and non-slip step surface

The AdjustaStep DoubleSafe Deluxe Step Stool is an everyday step stool with some added benefits. This step stool is your standard step stool, equipped with dual adjustable handles and a rubberized anti-slip mat. The entire stool is assembled with steel and finished with a clean powder coating.

This stool is perfect for getting into and out of a high bed or a high vehicle. The legs of the platform are also adjustable, perfect for adjusting your stool to any situation you may need. Looking sleek, it sports a blue and white color scheme, unlike many other stools on the list.

There are no difficult assembly instructions either. As a matter of fact, the company advertises an easy “3 minutes or less” assembly.

The only downsides are its bulkiness and that it may be a little heavy with its all-steel construction.

After some time, with use cases involving water, it is known to rust around connecting parts, but if you don’t plan on keeping your stool around water, this shouldn’t be too concerning. 

4. Delxo Folding Steel Step Stool

best folding step stool for seniors

Weight Limit: Up to 330 lbs.
Construction: Steel construction
Key Feature: Unique foldable design with convenient hand grip

Delxo is most known for their quality constructed ladders. It’s not a great leap to think they’d also be a great brand for stools, which they are. They make quality step stools and they make them at an affordable price. Their stools are also extremely practical and well thought out in terms of design.

This step stool only has one step which is 6.8 inches high. It has treaded feet specifically designed for use on almost any surface. The top platform is also rubberized so you won’t slip off of it.

It also has a very wide top surface, which is nice because you don’t have to keep picking up the stool to move it everywhere you want to go. The standing surface also offers heel to toe foot support to help with foot fatigue. This is nice if you do a lot of standing.

This stool is also TUV certified which ensures quality and safety. This step stool is even rated for safe use in industrial settings, so home use is guaranteed to be a breeze for this stool. 

All legs are foldable, with just the press of a button to unfold them. For this level of durability, it’s amazing that this stool can fold up so small and save so much space.

But the best part is… this stool won’t break the bank.

5. Rubbermaid RM-P2 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool

best lightweight step stool for the elderly and seniors

Weight Limit: Up to 300 lbs.
Construction: Molded plastic construction, Made in the USA
Key Feature: Lightweight and easily portable with non-slip treads

Rubbermaid is a well-known brand that has been around forever. That’s because it is a very reliable almost any product and their step stools are no exception.

While the stool isn’t specifically aimed toward seniors, it has been found to be a great stool for seniors regardless. While the stool is made of plastic, don’t let that fool you, it’s very sturdy. In fact, it is extremely durable and will hold up well over time. With a weight limit of 300 lbs, it also has 4 rubberized feet to make sure it stays put while you’re on it. 

This stool has two steps, the first which is about 8 inches off the ground and the top which is about 16 inches off the ground. Both of the steps are rubberized, non-slip platforms. Beneath the top step are two handles which are meant for carrying and moving this lightweight stool.

6. Simplay3 Handy Home 2-Step Plastic Step Stool

best plastic step stool for seniors

Weight Limit: Up to 250 lbs.
Construction: Double wall plastic construction, Made in the USA
Key Feature: One of the lightest 2-step stools on the market and easily transportable

This step stool may look like it’s just a single hunk of plastic, but it’s actually a very durable one. It may have a lower weight limit than most of the others on the list, but if your needs aren’t very ambitious, it is worth considering as the price is a bit lower.

This stool is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and its unibody design makes cleaning simple. Also, the rubberized feet at the bottom make sure that the lightweight design won’t slip out from under your feet.

There is a handle at the rear of the stool. The stool itself weighs less than 7 pounds, making it a great choice for transporting. There are also two steps: one at the bottom 8 inches off the ground and the top one which is 16 inches off the ground.

The potential downsides are that there is not a ton of tread on the step and the steps aren’t super wide, so if you are not sure-footed, it might be best to go with another step stool on the list.

This step stool comes in four color options: blue, gray, red and tan.

7. Joovy Stepstool

Weight Limit: Up to 300 lbs.
Construction: Polyvinyl (BPA, PVC and phthalate free) construction
Key Feature: Can be used in the bathtub with its rubberized feet and slip-proof surface

If you are in the market for multiple stools, this one may take the cake, as it is designed for stacking multiple stools on top of one another. This stool is composed of a vinyl material, which does not contain PVC, BPA, or phthalates.

This stool is only about 6.25 inches in height, so if you don’t want to get off the ground too far, or are at risk of falling, it’s a good stool for you. It’s also great for grandchildren to use to wash their hands or help with the cooking. The feet are rubberized, meaning it won’t slip around underneath you or a loved one.

This stool is good for use in bathtubs and showers, as the rubberized rim at the bottom will stay put under all use cases. It also has a slip-proof top surface which helps too. It is also good for getting in and out of vehicles, although the rubberized rim can wear over time when used outdoors.

It is only available in white, which is a nice change of pace from the majority of black stools on the market. Also, it only weight 1.5 lbs so you’ll never be straining to move it from place to place. A good all-around step stool with high quality construction and affordable in price.

8. Handy Laundry Folding Step Stool

best folding step stool for seniors

Weight Limit: Up to 200 lbs.
Construction: Plastic construction
Key Feature: Folds up for space saving and easy storage

This is a great stool for those on a budget, for light usage, or for someone who’d like to fold their stool up and hide it away somewhere. It just weighs right under 3 pounds and has slip-resistant dots on the top.

It is not rubberized on the surface, although the feet underneath the stool are. That said, you won’t find yourself slipping off this stool very easily.

The design of this stool was made so it can easily fold away to be stored conveniently in a cabinet or small closet, perfect for small living spaces or even a vehicle.

Height wise, it is not adjustable, however, it is 9 inches off the ground, which is more than enough for many use cases.

It comes in pink, black and white so it’s great for both ladies and gents. It’s also one of the cheapest stools on the market and lasts a long time.

9. Delxo 2 Step Stool

best two step stool for seniors and the elderly

Weight Limit: Up to 225 lbs.
Construction: Aluminum construction
Key Feature: Folds up with the push of a button of storage

This is another quality Deluxe step stool. Similar to the one step stool by Delxco, this is also a very high quality folding stool. Certified by TUV, it is rated for its high quality and safety.

Although it has a considerably lower weight limit of 225 pounds, this one can take you to new heights, literally. In fact, it can act as more of a ‘step ladder’ reaching heights of nearly 18 inches.

It has non-marring leg pads and a platform rubbering that is non-skid for both steps. It folds up easily, using a mechanical lever system which is activated by the push of a button.

This stool is a great pick for seniors who need to access high places and don’t need a bar handle on the sides for stability. It’s also great for pets!

10. Ollieroo Portable Steel Step Stool

best standard step stool for seniors

Weight Limit: Up to 330 lbs.
Construction: Steel and polypropylene construction
Key Feature: Lightweight, only four pounds, easy to fold and carry

Just like the single step Delxo stool, this one has a high weight limit (330 lbs) and looks just like the standard stool at the doctor’s office.

This step stool has a mixture of steel and polypropylene for both strength and lightness. The rubberized feet on this brand also treads well, which adds to the safety. 

And while we’re talking about safety, this stool has been European Commission (EN14183) approved for up to 330 pounds, so the safety is guaranteed.

It is even lighter than its Delxo twin while measuring slightly larger at 15 inches wide. Great for seniors and grandchildren alike!

Tips for Buying a Step Stool – Dos and Don’ts 

While searching for a safe stool, you should always make sure your purchase is brand new in unopened packaging, as it is the only way to guarantee your product hasn’t been tampered with, thus compromising its safety.

Also, price does not necessarily correlate with how safe a product is. The Safe-T-Stool listed above is actually cheaper, if not equally priced, to many others on the same list which are rated to withstand much less weight. 

Big, well-known brands are recommended over the newer but cheaper brands; after all, it’s your safety at risk and a few more dollars isn’t worth the risk. Buying a stool made without rubberized footing is also not recommended, as that is what keeps your stool stable while you’re on it. Without those feet, it is almost guaranteed to unsafely move.

If stability is an issue, pick a stool with 4 legs, or 2 legs and a balance bar at the rear. Any less might be too unstable for you, especially under heavy use.

In conclusion, there are many nice stools available on the market, many which are single step and others which are double step. It all just depends on your needs. The best go-to option for seniors is definitely the Safe-T-Stool, if your needs aren’t too sporadic, as it is the safest stool without a doubt.

Remember, if and when you choose to purchase a stool on the internet, try to follow the “Dos and Don’ts” of buying. And always keep safety in mind first over any other consideration.

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